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The Lies of TROY














Another effort of distortion of the Greek (Hellenic) history, took place in the Wolfgang Petersen’s TROY. We’d like to believe that these historical inaccuracies took place in order to serve a demanding script or because of the script’s writer lack of historical knowledge. But the scale of the distortion is so big that made us suspicious about the intensions of the producers. Below we restore the truth for those who intend to see (or have seen) the movie to use as a guide:


1. Helen did not leave Menelaus because he was ugly or because she was not happy with him, but according to the myth, Helen was the price, the goddess Aphrodite had promised to Paris, in order to elect her as the most beautiful goddess between the other two contestants Hera and Athena. Menelaus was not less handsome than Paris.

2. The war lasted ten years. Not ten days.

3. It was not a war between Greeks (Hellenes) and Trojans. It was a civil war between greek kingdoms. The term Greek was not in use at that time. In Homer (ILIAD B, 684 – 685 and P, 595) Greeks (Hellenes) is the alternative name for Myrmidons, the citizens of Fthia of Thessaly who had Achilles as a leader. Homer names Greeks as: Argives, Achaeans, Ionians and Trojans. The greek (Hellenic) route of the Trojans is obvious since they talked the same language as the others, they had the same habits, they believed in the same gods, and they shared the same names.

4. Menelaus did not die in Troy.

5. Agamemnon did not die in Troy. He was murdered by his wife Clytemnestra in Argos.

6. The Greeks were not immoral barbarians. No matter how strong the American – belief of an ever corrupted world is, Homer proves them wrong. In the battle field Glaukus and Diomedes recognize their fathers friendship and they exchange armor and promise of eternal friendship (ILIAD Z, 232). The same happens between Hector and Ajax (ILIAD H, 301). Not like Mrs. Madeline Albright who bombed her neighborhood in Serbia or the Iraq tortures. After all how can the inventors of Democracy, Philosophy, Science, Tragedy, Art and humanism be immoral barbarians???

7. The Achaeans did not travel to Troy using triremes. Trireme was invented by the Corinthians about 600 b.C.

8. Patroclus was not Achilles’ cousin but a friend of his.

9. Greek did not put two coins on the eyes of the dead but a coin in his mouth which was the payment for the “ferryman” to Hades.

10. Greeks (Hellenes) were not Christians or as the priest clothing attempt to show.

11. Achilles was not in the Trojan horse. He was already dead by the arrow of Paris.

Who's story is next? Alexander the Great??? .